The passion behind the bottle

Marguerite Guyot Champagne logo. A gold and white daisy rests beneath.

Florence Guyot

Florence Guyot holds freshly cut pinot noir grapes during the 2020 harvest season.

Behind the Marguerite Guyot champagne collection is an equally impressive producer, Florence Guyot. She infuses experience and passion into each bottle, and we love her for that personal care and attention. Indeed, nothing could describe Florence more than the inspiration behind the Marguerite Guyot collection - the daisy; a symbol of purity, love and vitality.

Born in the hills of Damery, Florence has grown up living and breathing champagne.

Like The Champagne Vault, her focus is on quality not quantity. Florence enjoys harvesting premium grapes with trusted growers, neighbours and life-long friends, hand selecting the grapes herself. Each bottle reflects her personal choices to create a balanced, mineral champagne.

Each champagne in the collection is inspired by an emotion, celebrating the harmony of nature and the sensuality of the female spirit - desire, passion, seduction and ecstasy. She strives for her champagne to be a "crescendo of flavours and emotions."



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